The Big Five personality traits test

So, I started reading Daniel Nettle's book Personality, which describes popular five factor personality model.

At the beginning of the book there is a simple test that a reader is supposed to do before he will get deeper into individual traits.

Actually, I was curious not only about my own traits but also about traits of people close to me. So, I've created this electronic version of the test and I am going to send it to few people and ask them about their results. Also, I am going to ask them to fill the test, pretending to be me or somebody else we all know. Then I will do the same and I will compare the results and try to figure out what all that means. Of course if that's even possible.

The test

You have to complete all questions in following table to see the results. Or you can pre-fill the test from a code, if you have one:

Very uncharacteristic Moderately uncharacteristic Neither uncharacteristic nor characteristic Moderately characteristic Very characteristic
Starting conversation with a stranger
Making sure others are comfortable and happy
Creating an artwork, piece of writing, or piece of music
Preparing for things well in advance
Feeling blue or depressed
Planning parties or social events
Insulting people
Thinking about philosophical or spiritual answers
Letting things get into mess
Feeling stressed or worried
Using difficult words
Sympathizing with other's feelings